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” Backup your business, not just your data”

Private cloud backups

We built a private cloud based on Synology’s architecture. This next generation solution allows us to securely backup and protect your data across various devices including on-premise servers, desktops, laptops, Office 365, SharePoint and Dropbox.

The importance of cloud backups

  • Having a cloud backup solution will ensure that your data will be stored offsite for a full disaster recovery. This follows best practice of having at least three copies one of which is offsite.
  • All your data is protected with 256-bit military grade encryption, making it impossible to be compromised.
  • Devices such as your PC’s, laptops, workstations, and virtual machines can work whilst the backup is running.
  • Our Synology private cloud is 30% more affordable than any enterprise cloud backup solution.
  • There are no setup costs and no other license fees- pay for your stored data only.
  • Having a private cloud data solution will give you peace of mind as it protects your business from ransomware.
  • It allows you to maximize your backup efficiency by global deduplication, which reduces the storage by eliminating duplicated files across platforms and machines.
  • Changed block tracking is a feature that will only copy small amounts of your data when a file changes, which will reduce the backup window and avoid link saturation.

For more information and pricing,

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