why does my company need eftsure?

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What is eftsure?

eftsure is a SaaS platform that protects your business from EFT payment fraud before payments are made. It is designed for all industries and companies of any size. eftsure is web-based and is accessible from anywhere with no integration required.

Why does my company need it?

    • “Cybercrime and payment fraud” – All of the businesses we speak to have controls in place that ensure management of their payments, yet these crimes still happen daily.
    • “Manual assurance and human controls” – To err is human but systems can be put to place to support us. In addition to this, there are many flaws in the manual assurance process, internally and externally which are subject to manipulation.
    • “Time is of the essence” – Many individuals are responsible for reviewing and issuing payments, and do not have the time to look over every fine detail such as banking details in a batch of payments.

The solution: eftsure’s automated checks gives those responsible comfort, in seconds, as to the integrity of the payment information prior to payment release – ALL WITH A CLICK OF A BUTTON.

Eftsure offers:

  • Payment Screening
  • Automated Verification of Key Vendor Information
  • Enhanced Compliance and Continuous Controls Monitoring
  • Vendor Master Data
  • Vendor Management

Click on the link to view the pricing: T4T Copy of eftsure v1.10 (1)



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