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Master 3 Max Laser Machine with 11W Laser and Air Assist | LAS034

Master 3 Max Laser Machine with 11W Laser and Air Assist | LAS034

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Master 3 Max Laser Machine with 11W Laser and Air Assist | LAS034.

The Master 3 Max is a desktop laser engraving and/or cutting machine with a 11W blue laser module.  It features a large cutting area of 810 x 460mm and is controlled via USB by a computer or via the mobile app.  The machine comes 99% assembled and only requires the final setup.  The machine is available with different laser modules, each with different output wattage depending on the type of work that is required.  Please view the laser comparison chart below for details.

Air assist improves the cutting speed when processing materials like wood.  It accelerates the burning process and blows away ash so that the laser can focus on the new material.  Please note: High pressure air (>0.8MPa) is required for this air assist to work which needs to be purchased separately.

This machine is compatible with a wide variety of software options including LightBurn.  LightBurn is an easy to use, very capable laser operating program compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.  This is why we offer LightBurn as an optional extra with these machines at a discounted price.


  • Working Area: 810 x 460mm
  • Laser output power: 11W
  • Connection: USB or wireless
  • Input voltage: 220V AC
  • Included Software: NEJE Windows Controller, NEJE Mac Controller, NEJE Android App, NEJE IOS App
  • Optional paid software: LightBurn (Lifetime license offered at a discounted price with this machine)
  • Requirements: Computer with Windows or Mac
  • Life Time: Up to 10 000-20 000 hours
  • Working temperature:-40 to 70 Degree Celsius
  • Warranty type: Carry-in warranty
  • Warranty Period: 6 month warranty on laser module and 1 year warranty on laser machine
Material0.5W Laser2.5W Laser5.5W Laser11W Laser
3mm Balsa WoodEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
5mm Balsa WoodEngraveEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
250g Card BoardEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
300g Card BoardEngraveEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
250g Craft CardEngraveEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
Non-woven FabricEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
Cotton FabricEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
Polyester FabricEngraveEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
CanvasEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
LeatherEngraveEngraveEngrave & CutEngrave & Cut
Solid WoodEngraveEngraveEngraveEngrave & Cut*
MDF WoodEngraveEngraveEngraveEngrave & Cut*
BambooEngraveEngraveEngraveEngrave & Cut*
Acrylic / PerspexEngraveEngrave & Cut**Engrave & Cut**
Stone / CeramicEngraveEngrave
Painted Metal SurfaceEngraveEngraveEngrave
Bare metal surfaceEngrave***Engrave***
Anodized metal surfaceEngraveEngrave

*Can cut wood with multiple passes, but extended periods of cutting will degrade the laser.  Yellow MDF or Laser MDF is recommended rather than normal MDF.

**Only dark colours of Acrylic and Perspex

***Metal engraving spray, powder or tape required for laser marking on bare metal surface.

Please note:

  • Always wear laser protective goggles (Included with laser) when operating a laser.  This is not a toy, it is a powerful industrial tool.
  • The colour of the material being processed can have a major influence on the efficiency of the laser, for example transparent and white perspex cannot be processed, but black perspex can be processed.
  • Processing material with shiny surfaces like shiny metals can reflect the laser energy back into the laser which will damage the laser.
  • When cutting wood, blowing compressed air onto the laser focus point increases the efficiency of the laser dramatically.

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